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As you will see, the underlying theme seems to be - "Nothing Compares!"


"I currently have 28 of Peggy's dolls and there is no comparison for the quality and price. Sometimes I even take my dolls to work and show them off. They always stop production -- at least until a boss comes by!"

- Iva Short, SC

"I own 12 of Peggy's original dolls and liked them so well I had one made of my own son. The resemblance is incredible! I would highly recommend Reflections Of Me Dolls because of the excellent craftsmanship and Peggy is so friendly. There is absolutely no comparison!"

- Mary Durham, SC

"I now own five of Peggy's personalized dolls! I've had them made of myself, my brother, my mom, and even my best friend. Nothing compares to Peggy's quality and I would recommend Reflections Of Me Dolls to everyone. We're proud to say that Peggy made our dolls!"

- Linda Ogle, TN

"I now own a total of eight dolls, three of which were personalized, and I am very pleased with all of them. I would most certainly recommend Reflections Of Me Dolls. Peggy takes so much pride in her work that her look-a-likes must be just so before she ever presents the doll to you. There is absolutely no comparison - these dolls are like no other. Peggy is so considerate, thoughtful, and caring that she always makes you feel like the most important person (not customer) in the world!"

- Connie Huskey, TN

"We have actually owned over 100 of Peggy's dolls and have loved every one of them. Our friends loved them so much that we started selling them. We've also had about 20 personalized dolls made for both family and friends, and each time that we purchase one we can't wait to see how life-like and close to the original picture each one will look - we are always pleasantly surprised! There is no comparison between Reflections Of Me Dolls and other dolls we've owned and sold. Peggy is truly a beautiful person and we would recommend her dolls to everyone!"

- James and Margaret Flournoy, GA


Jimmie has named the doll "little Jim" The doll was a big hit and looked even better than the picture you sent. I was very surprised that you were able to get the correct blue for his eyes. And I LOVE the hair... also the boots were cute.  We were very surprised at the attention to detail . The eyes are slightly "off-center" and the fact you noticed the notch in his one ear and added it was proof that each doll is truly handcrafted and not just a cookie cutter head with a different wig...

- Caren Crawford, CO

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