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Our Guarantee

You are very wise to be concerned about what type of doll you will receive if you decide to own one of our dolls. (See our guarantee below.) There are many companies out there offering substandard quality, while at the same time promising the world. This is true, not only for fine quality collectible porcelain dolls, but even more so for the ever popular look-a-like porcelain dolls. Many of these companies will promise a completely custom made doll, personalized from your photograph. Instead, they use one of a few pre-made doll faces and then change only the hair and eye color to resemble your photo.

With Reflections Of Me Dolls, you can be assured that we take personal pride in each and every porcelain doll made. This is especially true of our personalized dolls. Our artist, Peggy Cosey,  personally sculpts each and every personalized doll from scratch. That means that there are no pre-manufactured doll heads or faces, only her talent and personal dedication to detail. She also strives to capture the expressions and personality of each of her subjects which you will not find with nearly all of the other look-a-like doll makers.

I know what you are wondering -- Can Peggy really create a doll that looks just like my unique little girl?

The answer is absolutely, positively, 100% YES!

So much so, that you will not believe your eyes! As a matter of fact, in 20 years and over 1,000 personalized dolls, Peggy has not had a single unsatisfied parent! I know it sounds hard to believe, but its TRUE!

However, in the unlikely event that you are not over-joyed with your new doll, Peggy will make it again to your liking. It doesn't get any better than that!


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