Dolls with expressions just like your children.


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Exquisitely designed porcelain dolls reflecting the trusting innocence of your own child.

Doll Details               Read details about the creation of these exquisite porcelain dolls here.

Meet the Artist      Peggy Cosey has been handcrafting her life-like dolls for over 28 years...

Photo Gallery            Want a closer look of our Reflections Of Me© dolls? We've got them here!

Personalized Doll  Send us a photo and we will personalize your doll to match the child or person you want. 



 All dolls below are $280.00 as shown. Please click on the "Doll Details" link to left for details about the dolls. Each doll is signed, numbered, and comes with a birth certificate of authenticity, and stand.

Please scroll down if you wish to customize your doll with your chosen eye and hair color. There is an extra $40.00 charge to create your custom doll.

For an additional $120.00  ($400.00 Total ) we can "Personalize " your doll to look just like your child, grandchild, or anyone you want! If you want us to create a personalized doll , click on the "Personal Doll" link below. website gives you all the programs & marketing methods used to provide the income that is creating the type of life most only dream of.

(Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger picture of these exclusive dolls.)

Lil Stinker






Bubble Lee
























New Baby



To purchase one of these beautiful dolls, type in the name of the doll you wish to purchase then click on the add to cart button below. Important: Please type in the name of the doll before clicking on the add to cart button.    (If you wish to customize your doll please scroll down to the Customization section below.)

Name of Doll


Customize the doll of your choice the way you want it for just $40.00  More!

Choose from one of the dolls shown above and list your customization features below:

Doll Name/Eye & Hair Color
Clothing Style & Color

Only click "Add to Cart" once. Takes a few seconds to load shopping cart. After ordering, if you wish to send more customization information, please send it by email to and include your full name and email address.


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