Reflections Of Me

Exquisitely designed porcelain dolls reflecting the trusting innocence of your own child.

We also create handcrafted look a like dolls created from your photos!

Handcrafted In Stock Doll Details

 The head, shoulder-plate, arms and legs are hand crafted of only the finest (and most expensive) porcelain available, so your doll can be passed down from generation to generation.

  Each doll has a soft body, hand-sewn and filled with non-allergic materials

 Peggy's favorite part of the creation process is the china painted face which she does by hand with meticulous detail.

  The hair can be shampooed and the clothes are washable.

  Each dress is individually designed by Peggy and made by hand.

  Each doll has it's own personality with realistic expressions.

  Every doll is completely moveable - their heads will turn; legs and arms are jointed.

  The dolls weigh about the same as a baby and stand approximately 28 inches from head to toe.

  All of the dolls are what Peggy calls "breathers" as each doll has open nostrils, unlike your typical porcelain doll.

 Each and every doll is signed and numbered and comes with a birth certificate of authenticity.



 For a little extra, Peggy can hand-craft a unique  personalized porcelain doll from your own photograph.

Imagine, the beauty of your own little girl or boy captured forever in your own Reflections of Me heirloom doll.

For that special grandchild , nothing could be a more unique gift than a hand crafted porcelain doll created in their very likeness and  dressed in their own familiar clothing.

What a wonderful gift for the mother of the bride to give to her daughter on her wedding day! The doll can be made to her likeness as a child or young lady, dressed to your liking, even in formal wedding attire, complete with veil. There is an additional charge for our wedding dolls, so please request a quote by email at .

A  Reflections of Me hand-crafted doll would make a unique wedding anniversary gift from a husband or wife either created the way they were, or the way they are now.


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