Reflections Of Me

Exquisitely designed porcelain dolls reflecting the trusting innocence of your own child.

Handcrafted look a like dolls created from your photos!


Meet The Artist

Introducing Peggy SueCosey

Peggy with her "National Doll Maker" award from National Mrs Pageants

 Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in a heart-warming little shop, known as "Peggy's Dolls", along  side a small craft community flanked by a working grist mill from the 1800's, Peggy makes, dresses, and displays her exquisite handmade porcelain dolls.  Upon meeting her, you can tell that she truly loves what she does, as she should, since she's been creating these Heirlooms for the last 28 years!

 Peggy has always been an avid collector of dolls. One day, aware of her talents with homemade crafts and arts, she decided to try her hand at creating her own dolls. It didn't take long before her home was completely filled with her own creations to the point where she could barely walk  through her house. Her friends and neighbors pleaded with Peggy many times to sell one of her dolls to them. Eventually, after some coaxing from her family, she decided to part with one, and became so distraught over parting with the doll, she sat down and cried.  She was afraid that she would not be able to re-create another one exactly like it  for herself.  She finally decided that all she could do was to try. Her efforts paid off, for when she realized that could make the same doll again, "Peggy's Doll's" was born.

 Since that time, she has gone on to be the Look-Alike Doll Maker for the National Mrs. Pageants and has won several trophies for her creative doll-making talent.

 Another reason for her tremendous success was her decision to start personalizing her dolls. She takes the photo of someone's treasured little girl or boy and fashions the doll by hand to look just like them. The resemblance is astonishing and has made her famous!  The process of shaping the porcelain face by hand, styling the hair, eyes, and clothing with meticulous detail is extremely time-consuming, yet very rewarding. Since most look-a-like doll shops use the same face and change only the eyes, hair, and clothing, Peggy loves to see the look on the faces of parents, grandparents, and others when they pick up their newly hand crafted doll, knowing that it will remind them of their cherished child forever.  You can see how much time and effort goes into each unique doll by checking out our Photo Gallery.

 People come from around the world for Peggy's Dolls and with such high profile customers as mentioned on the home page, it's no wonder her dolls have become famous! G.T.C. Global Enterprise is dedicated to this wonderfully talented woman and her exquisitely designed porcelain "children" and is very proud to offer this awesome line, "Reflections of MeŠ", exclusively.


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