Our look-a-like dolls have no equal in the world of dolls!

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"WHAT A DOLL!! Great mirror image of my precious granddaughter that will last a life time! Thank you so much! R. Graham, N.C.


"I am so glad to have found your website. I know this will be a great gift."   C. Crawford, Co.


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Lovingly handcrafted in their mirror image...

Nothing is more exquisite than a beautifully designed doll created from your child's photo!

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Dollmaker to the STARS!

The creator of these beautiful look-a-like dolls is Ms. Peggy Cosey. She has a wonderful talent for capturing the beauty of children, teenagers, and grown-ups alike in high quality heirloom porcelain dolls. Her attention to detail brings her dolls to life and leaves no doubt that her creations are some of the best in the world. Collectors come from around the world to see and own one of her beautiful dolls! With high profile customers such as Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas, it's no wonder her dolls have become famous.

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Give an exquisite Heirloom porcelain doll to someone you love, handcrafted in their mirror image.

Created from your photo, we handcraft an heirloom porcelain doll of your toddler, teenager, or adult in their exact image. A Motherís Day gift, treasured childís birthday, wedding gift from the mother of the bride, anniversary gift for your husband or wife, whatever the occasion (even as your own personal keepsake), a Reflections of Me© handcrafted doll in your loved oneís mirror image, will make it very special.

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Jimmie has named the doll "little Jim"

The doll was a big hit and looked even better than the picture you sent. I was very surprised that you were able to get the correct blue for his eyes. And I LOVE the hair... also the boots were cute.  We were very surprised at the attention to detail . The eyes are slightly "off-center" and the fact you noticed the notch in his one ear and added it was proof that each doll is truly handcrafted and not just a cookie cutter head with a different wig...


Capture her special moment with a beautiful bride doll created in her very image!


I received the Doll yesterday.  The e-mail pictures did it no justice.  This Doll is Just Absolutely Beautiful.   My daughter opened it and was totally shocked. She had no idea that she was getting her dream doll.  The first thing Shawna said was, My doll, and she even looks like me.
The dress is More than I thought.  This doll is just fabulous.
Thank You so Much
B. Warner, Michigan


Peggy, Matt's Look-A-Like, Matt

"I now own five of Peggy's personalized dolls. I've had them made of myself, my brother, my mom, and even my best friend. Nothing compares to Peggy's quality and I would recommend Reflections Of Me Dolls © to everyone! We're proud to say - Peggy made our dolls!"

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As you can see, Reflections Of Me Dolls ©  takes great pride in making sure that
every detail is just right. Our look-a-like  dolls have no equal in
the world of dolls! And we are so sure that you will agree see
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